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James Pettinelli

Author - with son Charlie

Hi everyone! I’m James Pettinelli, author of the Zagaboo Stories! I have two children, one who’s a college smarty-pants, and another who’s a hotshot 8-year-old tennis player. You might think I don’t look old enough to have a college kid, right? I agree. :-) I swim, play tennis, have a background in anthropology, and work as a mild-mannered government contractor by day. How did that normal-ish guy James Pettinelli come to write books, you’re asking yourself. Good question!

It turns out I think like a kid! I have proof because my wife tells me all the time! I eat worms on a dare, have nerf battles with my son, and eat a bag of cheetos in a sitting. Plus, I love to watch cartoons! As it turns out, these traits also make me a pretty good entertainer. I entertain by writing the adventurous Zagaboo Stories, writing Zagaboo songs on guitar (which are free BTW), and making Zagaboo toys and clothes. My goal is to bring children into Zagaboo’s Kingdom through complete immersion by seeing, hearing, and feeling the magic. When kids can do that, they smile and laugh more. And who can resist that? Not me! So I guess I’ll just have to keep doing it forever!

Tug your ear and hold on for an awesome Zagaboo adventure!

Jeff Mora

Illustrator - with son Noah

Hi, I'm Jeff Mora, illustrator of the Zagaboo Stories. I'm married and a father of two. Ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed drawing. I studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University. I've also taught art and even started a small program where I go to various low income housing or boys and girls clubs and teach art to kids of all ages. After that, I joined the Peace Corps in the Youth Development Program and volunteered for three years teaching art and other various program for children. Currently, I am a full-time illustrator and product designer.

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