Amazon Reviews

  • I love Books
    This charming story is sure to be a hit with children and parents. The Legend of Zagaboo is a fun way to teach children how to conquer their fear. Zagaboo will be a household name after reading the book.
    I love Books
  • Amazon Customer
    Love Zagaboo and love the book! I bought the books to read to my grandchildren and they love Zagaboo. We can't wait for the continuing saga!
    Amazon Customer
  • Amazon Customer
    If you're looking for a book for your child that you can enjoy alongside them, this is the one for you. The illustrations are colorful, vibrant, and really bring the story to life. The story itself is wonderfully imaginative and teaches children great lessons about courage and open-mindedness. Looking forward to further entries in the series!
    Amazon Customer
  • David Pattie
    Pettinelli masterfully tells the adorable story of Zagaboo and wets the appetite for future books. This magical tale is a prefect “bridge” book for kids 5-7 that are ready to graduate from short children’s books to longer chapter books. Your young reader will quickly become intrigued with the cute wooden troll and will effortlessly fly through the pages. Now our entire family must patiently wait for the next installment of Zagaboo.
    David Pattie

Presentation Reviews

  • Cindy
    James Pettinelli came to our school to read his Zagaboo books to our children. The kids love the Zagaboo Stories and anxiously purchased his books as they were leaving. We will anxiously await his next visit.
  • Kristen southard
    James Pettinelli did an excellent presentation of his story of "Maddie Swims Troll-Style." The children enjoy him coming and are eager to participate when asked. We are anxious for his new book to come out. I have one student who would love to illustrate for Mr. Pettinelli in the future. Sharon Bryan (KinderCare Monticlair)
    Kristen southard
  • Laura brindle
    Zagaboo Stories has come to our Center twice to share the Zagaboo series with our students and they have loved both experiences! We're excited to hear there is another book being published soon and will invite them back to share that one as well, for sure! The experience is so much more than just reading the story-there are songs and dances, special effects sounds, and take homes for the kids! A great experience all around, we highly recommend it!
    Laura brindle
  • Valina Tshibungu |
    great show!!! the kids and parents loved it :)
    Valina Tshibungu |
  • Jen mckenney
    James Petinelli put on an amazing show at our school this week reading his Zagaboo story. The children loved his showmanship, songs, and book, and are still talking about it days later. We can't wait until he comes back this summer. I bought the book for my grandson - he read it with my daughter this evening - and can't stop talking about Zagaboo! Cathy, Assistant Director
    Jen mckenney
  • Raana Kishwar
    Mr. James Pettinelli visited our center last week and it was fun to have him. He was able to keep our Pre kindergarten, kindergarten and School age children totally absorbed in his performance. There was a lot of interaction between the author and the children anmd children enjoyed his visit. They still remember the song the learned from him. We are looking forward to his summer performance.
    Raana Kishwar
  • Stacy dougalewicz
    The children loved him. They were so excited he could barely get a word in to tell him about himself and his books. They loved the story and was especially excited to see that he brought some books and there very own Zagaboo to purchase! They are still talking about their experience today and can't wait for him to come back in the summer.
    Stacy dougalewicz
  • Kristen southard
    The children, families, and staff really enjoyed the visit from James Pettinelli. He made the presentation very interactive with the reading, guitar playing, and dancing. Mr. Pettinelli noticed two students with wonderful drawings of Zagaboo, and praised them for their efforts. We already have Mr. Pettinelli scheduled for our summer camp, and look forward to hearing the next of the Zagaboo stories.
    Kristen southard
  • Zina Belharet
    We had the Zagaboo story and shows multiple times and the kids really loved them. James is very nice and entertaining and the kids love to listen to his educational and fun stories as well as singing and dancing during his shows. Would definitely recommend him for kids' shows and lectures
    Zina Belharet
  • Christine Ashman
    The children at my center remembered Zagaboo from last year. They were very excited for Friday's reading. Mr. Pettinelli did an exceptional job... very engaging and energetic. His performance was awesome. Zagaboo is a great story.. the children are already looking forward for the third book!
    Christine Ashman
  • Yousef sait
    What an amazing show! The kids truly enjoyed the reading and especially the songs at the end!! Can't wait to have Zagaboo back at our school! -Yousef
    Yousef sait

Charlie Digs Dinosaurs

Charlie Digs Dinosaurs is the 3rd in a series Zagaboo stories that older children love to read and littler ones love to have read to them. Magical trolls, Shell-top fairies, giant dinosaurs and more fill the pages and are sure to trigger your children's imaginations and fill their desires for adventure. And what's more, they'll probably learn a thing or two along the way! Zagaboo and his kingdom of talented trolls can't wait to help the next child overcome a challenge or simply learn something really cool. To call on Zagaboo, just tug your ear and say, "Zagaboo, Zagaboo,where are you?" and prepare to get whisked away into a world of magic!

If you want more than a book, schedule an author visit! Also, check out the Zagaboo merchandise. Children love to get things they see from the book. Order a Zagaboo Plush Doll from The Legend of Zagaboo, a swim Cap and Zoggles from Maddie swims Troll-style, or A Dirty Digging Hat from Charlie Digs Dinosaurs!

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